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Keep Post Private


If they can buy out the banks, why do they need to sell ANY of Royal Mail?

For  too long the Royal Mail has been the victim of an agenda of destabilisation by those who wish to destroy it.

Since the liberalisation of the UK postal market competitors have been allowed to cherry pick the profitable parts of the industry and this has had a negative impact on Royal Mail’s social obligations.

Liberalisation of the postal market is not just confined to this country and there is a danger that one carrier can become dominant and this could lead to the creation of a global private monopoly.

The tax payer should not be in the position of making good the pension deficit in order to make Royal Mail attractive to a foreign investor.

Selling off Royal Mail is not the answer and neither is running the service down leaving only the name remaining.

The answer is a publicly owned Royal Mail providing a public service and not having its profits used as a cash machine for a few shareholders. No profits should be used as bonus payments to those who have an agenda of destruction of a public service.


email keep_post_private@hotmail.co.uk for more info.

If your friends or family are a Postman, please pass this on to them.  And remember ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’, so join the One Big Union – http://www.iww.org.uk/.




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