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 – Climate Camp London sends it’s solidarity and a message of support to workers on London Underground and Transport for London currently being balloted for stike action in response to massive proposed job cuts, the tabled offer from management of a five year pay freeze and the news that two cleaning contractors have reneged on their promise to start paying the London living wage of £7.45 an hour.


We welcome this stand by workers against yet another attempt by the bosses to make us suffer as a result of their mess. At a time when we are mobilising against the G20 summit where world leaders will meet and draw up plans for saving their bankrupt system of exploitation and devastation. We see the kind of attack facing transport workers as rooted in the same rationale that drives environmental damage; the logic that bosses’ profit at all costs, whether at the expense of people or at the expense of the environment, should be the basis of our society.


An efficient, safe, reliable system of public transport under control of the people who use it and work on it is a vital tool in combatting climate change. If we are to acheive this, making a stand to defend the people who could really run such a system is essential. 


We have a common enemy, the politicians and bosses who would just as happily slash our wages, squeeze every bit of work out of us or dump us into unemployment as they would wreck our planet for the sake of preserving their power and wealth.


We won’t pay for their crisis!




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