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“Now is the time for every dirty lousy tramp to arm themselves with a revolver or a knife and lie in wait outside the palaces of the rich and stab or shoot them to death as they come out.” – Lucy Parsons

http://www.geocities.com/svanarchos/ – website of the Stroud Valley anarchists trying to start the social revolution. 

Bollocks To The Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance, as you probably know, a disgusting bunch of fox-huntin, land-owning rich bastards who should have had there heads docked when they were born. Unfortunately, they weren’t, so we’re going to have to fight them in the here and now. Their main focus at the moment is their campaign to stop a ban on hunting, as this would be a challenge to their power and ‘right’ to chase small furry animals over miles of countryside before watching them being torn apart by a pack of hounds.

In the process they are pretending to represent the whole of the countryside, despite the fact that they are responsible for much of them in the first place! In reality though, they represent the interests of the land owning rich, which are by their very nature opposed to the interests of the rest of us. Mean while, they expect the rest of us in the countryside to keep quiet and let them get on with pretending to be us, and expect those living in the towns and cities to sit back and let them march around in their shit dress sense. Well, we say “BOLLOCKS TO THAT!”

However, it is not enough to say bollocks to the Countryside Alliance (although it is quite fun and satisfying), we have to take action to oppose them. To this end, Stroud Valleys’ Anarchists are launching a campaign to oppose them in our area, in the hope that other areas will follow suit, or that it will at least give the rest of the CA a scare. We intend to bring in elements from successful animal rights campaigns such as the Surrey Anti-Hunt Campaign which has reduced the number of places local hunts can meet from 19 to 4, and the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign which in only a couple of years has brought animal abusers HLS to their knees, along with other ideas, and obviously adapted to our circumstances and resources.

But this is NOT simply an animal rights issue, and meat eaters and anyone else is welcome to join in (unless you are right-wing scum of course). This is above all a class issue, and therefore our campaign also aims to address the real problems in the area (and is tied in with all our other work). Below are the various stages and parts of the campaign, please join in in any way that you can and want to.


  • The Rich At Play – this is an excellent pamphlet from Revolutions Per Minute, going into all the horrible details of the Countryside Alliance, where they come from and what their politics are, and what can be done about them. We highly recommend the second article, and agree whole heartedly with its proposed program: 1) repossess the land; 2) ban hunting with hounds through direct action if necessary; 3) the right to hunt the rich. We have this pamphlet available on our stall or it can be ordered from Red Star Research, which also has more information on the CA.
  • Bollocks To The Countryside Alliance – our flier, coming soon with a really ugly cover.
  • Stickers – we’ll be bringing some of our own out soon, but meanwhile we have Urban Alliance stickers on our stall and you can or you can order some from them directly.
  • Posters – coming soon
  • Make your own! Use your imagination and produce some lovely posters or grafitti, and put it up about the place. Let us know when you do and we can help advertise. Or don’t if you hate us.


  • Get in touch with the Hunt Saboteurs Association and get out and spoil the rich’s favourite pastime!
  • Stop them meeting – when we find out, we will be posting information on which pubs allow them to have their meetings, so that you can write polite letters asking the landlords to consider introducing a ban on people with branchless family trees. This is what Surrey Anti-Hunt Campaign does to great effect.
  • Let them know what you think – we shall be finding out who their leading members in the area are, what the look like, where they live, etc. so that you can politely let them know what you think of their disgusting practices. (We certainly wouldn’t encourage any sort of illegal activity here, oh no, but don’t expect us to condemn any illegal direct action people take, and should any of the rich scumbags get gunned down everyone is invited to the celebratory pub crawl!)
  • Stop them getting to London – on the 22nd of September, the CA are planning to swamp London with half a million inbred fox-hunting parasites. We will be trying to find out what companies are providing busses for this area so that we can voice our opposition. And if that fails, we remind everyone that direct action gets the goods.
  • Oppose them when they march – this Summer the CA are organising a “Summer of Discontent” (a vile corruption of the Winter of Discontent), consisting of actions all over the place. We intend to be there opposing them every step of the way.
  • Start a revolution – but don’t try and lead it, you trot bastards! A revolution is the only way to solve most (though not all) of our problems, and establish a non-hierarchical society. It’s also a great way to get the huge piles of dead rich people that this world needs.
  • If you have any information that can be useful for any of the above actions or have any other ideas, please get in touch.


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