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The OARC Group

This project compliments the community centre as a whole by providing a space for groups that are too small to raise the hire for main halls.  It is open for anyone to use as long as they are not abusive.

The space is organised by regular meeting at which people volunteer for the jobs that need to be done.  All people are welcome to come to the meetings.  Often jobs are done by working groups, which just include all the people volunteering for teh job.  The meeting sets boundaries for the working groups to work by and they have autonomy within that.

Decisions are made by agreement amount the people involved in the working groups.  All other people are invited to give opinions and help make better decisions.

There are regular OARC meetings.  We welcome anybody who wants to come along and get involved.

Getting involved

Here are 5 top ways to get involved in OARC:


1.    Come along to our organizing meetings.

2.    Join the email list, or wiki.

3.    Donate your time, money or skills.

4.    Book the centre for your grassroots events.

5.    Share your resources.

Groups and users based at OARC:

Oxford Indymedia:

Maintaining an “open-publishing” local news website and organising occasional film screenings and other projects.


Open Meditation – all types of silent meditation practiced together

Book Club:

People choose a book from the library, read it and then discuss it.

Oxford-Brazil Solidarity:

Raising awareness in Oxford about the situation in Brazil and campaigning here in solidarity with the Brazilian people.

Animal Rights:

Raising awareness of the moral and scientific arguments against vivisection and campaigning against animal experimentation at Oxford University.

Activist Trauma Healing:

A group set up to help minimise the trauma activists face due to their political activities, to promote awareness of the trauma people suffer and to help people affected find appropriate ways to treat it.

Clown Army:

Using silliness and comedy to help defuse tense situations involving crowds and the police.


A trapeze artist comes each week to take advantage of our high ceiling.

Dissent Oxford:

A group campaigning for the dissolution of the G8 and publicising the arguments about it.


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